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The MR physics section at Sahlgrenska University Hospital/University of Gothenburg is a group of physicists with long experience within both MRS and MRI techniques. We have a close collaboration with clinicians and scientists with expertise in numerous areas, and both national and international collaborators.

The aim of our research activities is to develop and provide new MR methods to qualitatively and quantitatively assess morphological and functional parameters and thereby contribute to improved diagnostics and therapy.

Our main areas of work are:

  • Development of new MR spectroscopy methods, e.g. in OCD, tumors and the human heart
  • Optimization of flow quantification and cardiac T1 mapping
  • Optimization and development of clinical fMRI
  • Development of diffusion imaging methods, e.g. in OCD and tumors, and motion correction in e.g. the liver
  • Optimization of perfusion imaging of tumors
  • Development of methods for lipid quantification in the heart
  • Utilization of MR in radiation therapy
  • Development and optimization of MRI of the spine

Information about publications and specific research projects can be viewed by clicking through the menu.

Research Tools and Resources

At Sahlgrenska University Hospital we have access to eight 1.5 T and six 3 T clinical whole body MR systems after several installations during 2017. A whole body 7 T MR is available through the National 7 T facility at Lund University Bioimaging Center.

For animal or specimen studies we have access to an experimental 7 T Bruker high-field MR-system with multi-nuclear MRI and MRS possibilities, located at the former Centre for Physiology and Bio-Imaging (CPI) in the Laboratory for Experimental Biomedicine (EBM), University of Gothenburg.

Current Group Members

Eva Forssell-Aronsson, Prof.
Göran Starck, Assoc. Prof.
Maria Ljungberg, Assoc. Prof.
Kerstin Lagerstrand, PhD
Åsa Carlsson, PhD
Maja Sohlin, PhD 
Mikael Montelius, PhD
Stefanie Eriksson, PhD
Oscar Jalnefjord, PhD student
Jonathan Arvidsson, PhD student
Frida Svensson, PhD student
Emilia Palmér, PhD student
Jens Johansson, Medical Physicist
Christian Waldenberg, Medical Physicist
Linnéa Andersson, Medical Physicist

Nicolas Geades, PhD, Philips Nordic Clinical Scientist

MR of animals or specimens

For MR Imaging or MR Spectroscopy of small animals or specimens, e.g. rats, mice, guinea pigs, blood or urine samples, please use this link.

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