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Development of advanced magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy methods for tumour treatment planning and response assessment

The use of morphological evaluation alone for tumour therapy response assessment is a suboptimal approach due to the late effect of tumour volume reduction. Functional MR techniques, such as diffusion (DWI/IVIM), perfusion (DCE), and oxygenation sensitive (BOLD) imaging and metabolism (MRS) have shown great potential to access tumour physiology, microenvironment, metabolism, vascularity and cellularity, and are therefore compelling imaging biomarkers for early changes in tumours after therapeutic interventions. Our research group focusing on MR in cancer works to develop and implement advanced functional MR techniques for characterisation of tumour tissue and to find functional MR markers suitable for early treatment assessment and adaptation. MR measurements are applied both in experimental setups (all above mentioned MR methods) as well as in patient studies (MRS and IVIM).

Mikael Montelius, Oscar Gustafsson, Maria Ljungberg, Eva-Forssell-Aronsson

Sidansvarig: Mikael Montelius|Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-09-22

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