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Radionuclides Behaviour in Swedish Pit Lakes

Sweden is a major metal mining country in the European Union, which implies enormous quantities of generated waste. The effect of mining activities on hydrological regimes has been studied at many locations where one of the major threats is the acid mine drainage water. In this project, acid mine water open pits will be studied, so called pit lakes.

Several studies have been conducted in these sites mainly focusing their attention on metallic elements, and/or remediation activities. However few data up to date, related to radionuclide behavior at pit lakes, can be found in the literature. This project will generate a database with results of naturally occurring Uranium and Thorium isotopes that may enhance their activity concentrations in pit lake waters, and in the surrounding areas through drainage waters. With basis in these results, it will be discussed if there is a radiological impact on the environment.

This project is fully supported by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM).

   Kvinnersta Södra brottet            Öster Silverg Gruva

Sidansvarig: Johan Spetz|Sidan uppdaterades: 2016-04-19

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